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Business Developer

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Nov 21

Position : Business Developer

  • Starting Date : January 2020
  • Duration : 4-6 months
  • Locality : Pondicherry (India)
  • Gratification : Rs.6000 or Accommodation

Responsibilities within the Start-Up

  • Communication on Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…)
  • Content writing and update of the website on WordPress
  • Event management (competitions, promotional events)
  • Creation of visual supports (banners, flyers, etc…) and videos editing
  • Prospection (Schools, Universities / Colleges, Companies)
  • Supervision of coaching sessions

Skills and qualifications

  • Undergraduate
  • Good command on computing and office tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Photoshop)
  • Good knowledge of Social Networks and their development
  • Excellent English proficiency
  • Required skills: organization, adaptability, creativity, autonomy and excellent interpersonal skills
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